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Yasunliplast One step Ahead with New Showroom

Yasunliplast One step Ahead with New Showroom

Finally, Yasunliplast opened its first showroom, located in Ruko Gading Bukit Indah Blok U No. 11, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta. This showroom shows that Yasunliplast is one step closer to customers to introduce their products.

With this showroom, Yasunliplast hopes to make it easier for customers to buy and see products directly. If previously the product could only be seen from a laptop or smartphone, now the customer can immediately see and touch the product.

Different with other showrooms, Yasunliplast is able to provide experience and education that cannot be found anywhere else. Customers can learn various information about types of plastic materials and the process of making a product. Including the process of making plastic pallet.

In the other hand, the showroom for Yasunliplast want to inspire, educate and consult. Customers can see the variety of Yasunli products made from plastic, they will also be supported with education about materials displayed on plasma TVs in showrooms.

Not only that, there will be a variety of thematic workshops or mini seminar that will be held in this showroom, which is open from Monday to Friday. Here also, customers are free to consult about warehousing management or the application of other Yasunliplast products with professionals in their.

Keep in mind, Yasunliplast is not a physical store but a place where customers can get education and a direct overview of the design, materials and services provided by PT Yasunli Abadi Utama Plastik.

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