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People with Disabilities Contribute to Environment

People with Disabilities Contribute to Environment


  • Students with disabilities in Zinnia Special School, Tebet, South Jakarta joined in activity to preserve environment through “Trash Bin Donation” held by Yasunli
  • Yasunli commitment to preserve the environment was demonstrated through series of CSR activities planned along 2019

On Friday, April 5, 2019, Yasunli visited ‘Sekolah Luar Biasa’ (SLB) or Special School Zinnia located in Tebet, South Jakarta in an activity to preserve environment. The event was called “Trash Bin Donation”, where Yasunli donated sets of trash bin to be installed in the school facilities. As an event among series of Yasunli CSR activities, this time it focused on preserving the environment, targeting students with disabilities, as well as teachers and parents in Zinnia School. Like previous CSR activities, Yasunli also joined hands with their partners.

“Preserving the environment is a responsibility for all human kind, with no exception,” said Jouw Erwin, Executive Director of Yasunli. “People with disabilities are often excluded from responsibilities to preserve environment, whereas they are capable for such contribution if accompanied by assistance,” he added. Zinnia School is an education facility for deaf and mentally disabled children from 10 to 20 years old.

The event took place in Zinnia School started with coloring competition with theme related to environment where around more than 20 students participated. The students were highly enthusiast, seen from their colorful creations. The students were also briefed on how to separate the trash and to use the trash bin correctly. Even several students were able to demonstrate how to recycle the trash correctly. Yasunli employees were also actively interact with the students during the event. Besides trash bin, Yasunli also donated products like locker and tumbler which will be useful for the students. The event was also attended by head of Zinnia foundation, principal, and teachers. The event was full of joy from students and Yasunli employees.

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