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Important Things to Choose a Safe and Healthy Tumbler for Children

Important Things to Choose a Safe and Healthy Tumbler for Children

Plastic drinking bottles or tumblers are being popular by the majority of Indonesian people. Be the one of ways for efficiency, the use of Tumbler itself also as an action to protect the environment. As we know, the use of disposable mineral water plastic bottles with various brands on the market is the biggest environmental waste. If it continues, the environment will be increasingly polluted.

In fact, the use of Tumbler bottles that are sold on the market is not all safe to use. Because, several types of Tumblers are dangerous to health. That’s s why, so that you are not mistaken, you need a variety of tips on choosing a safe Tumbler bottle.

Pay attention to the material used

Generally, reusable Tumbler bottles are made from polyester, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, iron (stainless steel), aluminum, or glass. Various types of materials certainly have advantages and disadvantages of each.

However, the most durable Tumbler bottles are made of stainless steel and aluminum. Because the Tumbler bottle made of both materials is indeed stronger. These materials remain durable, both in cold and hot temperatures.

Although considered safe and quality, the use of Tumbler bottles made of stainless steel or aluminum, can corrosion from time to time. If it’s been too long, the iron content and aluminum flakes will cause a strange taste in your drinking water.

If consumed for a long time, it will certainly be bad for health. So if the taste of your drinking water has begun to be strange, you should not use the Tumbler again.

Pay attention to the mark on the Tumbler bottle

Not all plastic Tumbler bottles are dangerous. The reason is, there are several types of plastic materials that are safe for everyday use, with a note you must pay attention to the marks listed on the Tumbler.

You can check the label and code number at the bottom of the Tumbler. The sign is a triangle in which there are numbers. Under the triangle, usually also written what explains the type of plastic material used. Plastic products with the number 1 can only be used once. Products with numbers 2 and 4 are safe enough to be used two or three times.

Keep in mind, do not choose bottles to drink numbered 3, 6, and 7. Because the bottle is considered dangerous and high risk and can pollute the water consumed.

Whereas the safest plastic products to use are those with the symbol number 5 because it is made from polypropylene which is considered safer from health risk disorders. But, this type of bottle is quite expensive. So you have to pay a little more. However, You don’t have to worry because  Tumbler Yasunliplast you can buy at an affordable price. Please visit the Yasunliplast store at Tokopedia and

Don’t forget one more thing, as much as possible, choose a Tumbler bottle whose wide circle of bottles, like Tumbler Yasunliplast. This is so that the Tumbler bottle that you use is easy to clean up to the supported parts. While the use of Tumbler bottles that have small circles is difficult to brush and clean. Better, Tumbler bottles are more susceptible to bacteria, fungi, or even mildew in them.

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