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We provide 3 years warranty for our pallets as proof of our commitment to the best quality material and service. Before delivered to you, we ensure our pallets in their best condition through series of quality check. Yasunli pallet also entitled with Indonesia National Standard (SNI).

Inspired by you who requires extreme temperature condition, we develop our newest model “The Mammoth” which can survive up to (-500C) as well as modern type of warehouse.

We let you focus on your business, while we take care of other issues


Need help for Warehouse management? Our Warehouse Concierge will providing advice on warehouse operational efficiency. By using pallet plastic and combination with Wharehouse Concierge, it can help suitable pallet for use in the warehouse. We know what kind of palette is user-friendly, efficient warehouse design, reduce delivery waiting time, warehouse security monitoring based on experience.


Sleep well at night and find your orders ready in the next morning. To ensure timeliness and target achievement, we provide 24-hour delivery.

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